FLAT WHITE : カザマナオミ個展 at COMMON gallery : 6/16(木)~ 6/19(日)

オープニングレセプション / 16日 19:00~22:00

フラットホワイトではネオ プリミティブな世界を、カザマナオミが心おもむくままに表現した新作18点と、
2009年に制作した満地球 - View from Moon を今回は包むことなく発表する展覧会となっております。

形から広がる有象無形の存在。 そこに在る真実(FLAT WHITE)との繋がり、そして素を描き出してあります。


Naomi Did It : Product展 at TOKYO CULTUART by BEAMS : 6/16(木)~ 6/22(水)

またトキョウカルチュアート バイ ビームスにて、カザマナオミとゆかりあるブランドとのコラボレーションアイテムを展示、販売しております。
glidz(ウェットスーツ)/ G shock(時計) / Monro(アーバンボヘミアンアウトドアギア) /
OAKLEY(サングラス) / stussy(ストリートウェア)/ T-19(スケートボード)


About Naomi KAZAMA : カザマナオミ
またニューヨークのペインティングコラボレイティブ - バーンストーマーズへの参加や、国内外にて作品を発表。
正しい答えを知る事より、シンプルに尋ねる事に重きを置き、"stop making things"を製作する日々を重ねる。




FLATWHITE展 at COMMON : 6/16(木)~ 6/19(日)- オープニングレセプション / 16日 19:00~22:00
住所 : 東京都渋谷区神宮前5-11-1 2F
03 57 74 08 48

Product展 Naomi Did It at TOKYO CULTUART by BEAMS : 6/16(木)~ 6/22(水)
住所 : 東京都渋谷区神宮前3-24-7 3F 11:00~20:00 不定休
03 34 70 32 51


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Flat White: Naomi Kazama Solo Show at Common: Thursday, June 16th through Sunday, June 19th

In this solo show, Naomi will reveal 18 of his new artworks, as well as artwork from the series "Full Earth – View from the Moon" – inspired by images of the Earth viewed from the Moon, which Naomi created in 2009.

In his works, Naomi focuses on the relationship between the world that you see through your eyes, and the one reflected in your heart. In these works, he has tried to demonstrate the reality that is derived from this relationship: the vivid beauty created by the natural cycle of life, the natural order of things, and the invisible existence of the world within your heart - the core elements of life. All living creatures on Earth exist independently as a collection of DNA, but they are mutually dependent on each other, given their wills, but also by way of their seemingly accidental surroundings. Naomi views this intricate structure of living beings and elements as interesting and beautiful, like footprints on the sandy beach.


Naomi Did It: Product Show at TOKYOCULTUART by BEAMS: Thursday, June 16th through Wednesday, June 22nd

To celebrate Naomi's solo show at Common, BEAMS will host an exhibit of his works and will hold a sale on those products that they have collaborated on and created with Naomi.

Brands: glidz (super wetsuits) / G shock (super watch) / Monro (super urban bohemian outdoor goods) / OAKLEY (super eyewear) / stussy (super wear) / T-19 (super skateboard)

About Naomi Kazama:

Naomi was born in Kamakura, Japan. In 1993, he moved to San Diego, California. There, he met Shepard Fairey, and learned silkscreening from him. In 1998, back in Japan, he began doing experimental art projects, by posting art on the streets etc. During this time, he started his gallery, the "Daizu Experimental Gallery" in Nakameguro, Tokyo, and he also worked in New York as a member of Barnstormers, a painting collaborative. Throughout his years in art, instead of trying to find a right answer, he is always more interested in simply questioning the fundamental ideas and continuing to create art inspired by this curiosity. In 2010, he started a silkscreen unit, called "STRANGE," and an apparel brand, called "SEAPPLE," which creates shirts exclusively with organic cotton, hoping to spread the positive affirmation "YES" to the world.


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